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28 day supply of seed bites to support your hormones:

14 days of phase 1 + 14 days of phase 2

Enjoy 3 buff seed cycling bites a day to help balance your hormones!

What is Seed Cycling?

Seed Cycling is a Food IS Medicine approach to balance hormones, naturally! No matter what stage you are at in life— pre-menopause, postpartum, post-menopause or even at the very beginning of your reproductive years, seed cycling can help you. 

Dr. Jolene Brighten has said, “The evidence is stacking up that seed cycling is good for fertility. I've witnessed women overcome infertility, resolve their long standing acne and banish PMS symptoms for good just by employing this “food as medicine” approach.” 


Seed Cycling for Hormone Balance

Based on a ‘typical’ 28 day cycle, this is what the hormones are doing and how you can support them nutritionally.

Days 1-14 - Follicular Phase

This is your Follicular Phase (menstrual phase). Day 1 of your cycle is considered the first day of your menstrual cycle, when you start bleeding. These are the days that more estrogen is needed in order to build up the uterus lining. Flaxseed and pumpkin seed, are known to naturally increase estrogen levels.



Days 15-28 - Luteal Phase

This is your Luteal Phase (ovulation phase). This is when your body is looking for a progesterone boost. Sesame and sunflower seeds are great for this. The high contents of zinc in sesame seeds and vitamin E in sunflower seeds help stimulate progesterone production. By adding sesame and sunflower seeds in this luteal phase, the body is naturally supported, helping increase progesterone production, which is a sex hormone that many women’s levels are low.

Ingredients Phase 1:

pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, vegan protein powder, peanut butter, honey

Ingredients Phase 2:

sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, vegan protein powder, sunbutter, honey

Approx Macros (NOT lab tested):

1 serving per day = 232 calories — 10g protein / 15g carbohydrates / 16g fat


buff seed cycling bites

small batch, handmade seed cycling protein bites

$60 -- for 1 Month of Seed Cycling Bites

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$60 -- 1 Month of Seed Cycling Bites -- contains 14 days of Phase 1 + 14 days of Phase 2
[you'll receive a 28 Day supply of bites -- 3 bites per day]